There is great power in being a parent. The power to reason. To influence. To make sense. To counter temptation. It comes from the heart and make no mistake, teenagers are fueled by it, sustained by it. To use it is to keep them alive. To ignore it is to risk everything.

Every 15 minutes, a teenager dies from underage drinking or other drug use. Power To The Parent helps Westchester parents learn how to keep teens safe from alcohol and drugs. Talk to your kids. Get involved, stay involved, and help them slip safely past that terrible and deadly 15th minute.

Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino welcomes you to Power to the Parent, a website and media campaign designed to help parents in their quest to keep their teens healthy and safe.

It's true, teens don't come with an instruction manual, but we'd like empower you with strategies and information that will help your family stay safe. Check out the Parent Toolkit.

It's tough to be a teen. There's school pressure. The pressure of self-criticism. And possibly biggest of all: social pressure. Empower your teen with refusal skills and other social skills.