County Executive Letter

A Message from Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino

Robert P. AstorinoDear Parent,

Welcome to Power to the Parent, a website and media campaign designed to help parents keep their teens healthy and safe. As the parent of three young children, I know how important it is to give our children the opportunity to live the best life possible. There are so many wonderful moments ahead for them. We want to work together to ensure that their hopes and dreams become their reality. That’s the mission of

As a County, we have many systems in place to help guide parents and youth.  We are pleased to add Power to the Parent as another resource for parents.  Funded by grants to the Westchester Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth, this new website and media campaign offers parents the tools to help prevent underage drinking and other drug use. Parents can visit the website to find out about the risks associated with alcohol and other drug use and discover resources to help keep their teens safe and healthy.

We invite you to browse the website,  Learn about myth and facts and educate yourself about the current drugs being abused.  Gain information about prom season safety.  Follow us on the Power to the Parent Facebook page,  for up-to-date information about the power of parenting.  Explore the signs and symptoms of use so you will know what to look for in your teens.

The website and media campaign are for you.  Email with any comments and suggestions.  Remember, in the struggle against teen drinking and drug use, there is a first line of defense – you, the parent.  Use your power.  Learn how at

Robert P. Astorino
Westchester County Executive